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many fur coats

Do you really need to store your furs?


It’s important to protect your favorite pieces that served you stylishly all season long by bringing them in now for the kind of treatment they deserve.

Our fully licensed and insured fur storage facility, located on the premises, keeps your fur coats, fur jackets and fur accessories in prime condition (a promise your closet cannot make!) with its special anti-humidity temperature-control.

Think that cedar closet in your basement is sufficient? It’s not.

If you’ve got furs, you’ve got to store them in a real-deal storage space like ours. Period.

Plus, our expert cleaning, glazing and moth-proofing (all of which are a must) will eliminate the fab-to-drab drain that happens when your furs just hang out in your closet during the warmer months.

Call 781.986.3877 or email us with any questions.

See you soon!