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fall fur trends

It’s fall fur trends time!

When it comes to the style profile for fall 2017/winter 2018, we have three words for you: cold, bold and old.


All right, let’s get this out of the way: It is, reportedly, going to be C-O-L-D cold this winter — like tundra cold, like Frozen cold, like super duper unfathomably and ridiculously cold.

Bundle up in a full-length or three-quarter fur coat that’s guaranteed to keep you warm, no matter what the temperature. Today’s styles are much lighter (read: less bulky) than those big, heavy coats of yesteryear and have the distinct honor of going well with just about every look in your closet from workout wear to office-chic to a night out on the town.


The runways were replete with look-at-me fur pieces, from stoles, scarves and capes to vest and coats, in bright colors and patterns. These de rigueur fashion must-haves take those kind of boring everyday seasonal staples (we’re talking to you, sweater, leggings and boots) and make them over to be head-turning moments of maximum style. Fur statement pieces are a fun-meets-functional way to stay warm while looking cool.


Now’s time to make everything old new again with a fur remodel. Seriously, don’t delay! Do it now — remodels take a little time. For the past several years, our customers have not only been scooping up the latest offerings of the season, they’ve been bringing in their old pieces and loving how we redesign them into like-new and much improved vest, coats and jackets they can wear for years to come.