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style springs eternal: three girls in fur

We’ve got good news: It’s almost spring – and at Murray’s Furs, style springs eternal.

Insert collective sigh of relief here.

We’ve also got some not-as-good news: The coat you’ve been wearing (aka living in) all season long is probably not looking so appealing to you right now.

Whether it’s a bit worse-for-wear or you just cannot bear to even look at it anymore, your favorite cold-weather go-to could probably use a makeover after the relentless winter it’s endured.

Okay, back to the good news: Bring in your winter-weary pieces now and we’ll restyle them into fabulous like-new ones for next season.

From well-worn to wearing them well, a remodel is just the TLC your fur coats and jackets need to ensure you’re in style come September.