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many fur coats

Looking for expert fur services? We provide them, from fur repairs to fur cleaning to fur storage to fur remodels (take that old fur sitting in your closet and turn it into an everyday go-to throw-on) and more.

Murray’s Furs is a full service fur shop, offering everything you need to maintain your favorite pieces, easily and cost-effectively. We are fully insured and take pride in doing all of our work on site with superior results.

Our professional fur services include:

Fur Storage

Climate-controlled storage is crucial to longevity of your fur. Our fully licensed and insured on-premise storage facility ensure that your fur coats, jackets and accessories remain in top condition (read: no moths, no drying out, no funky smells) and are ready to wear when the weather cools. Ask us about our cleaning and storage combo special. Cleaning is now recommended by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Fur Cleaning

When it comes to fur, a little care goes a long way! From fur coats and accessories to leather and shearlings, our in-house, fully insured expert fur cleaning service helps to preserve your winter wear, keeping it looking, feeling and smelling as fresh and clean as the day you bought it.

Fur Remodeling

Take that oldie fur coat that’s sitting in your closet and make it into a goodie—one that you’ll love wearing every day. Restyle your fur coat, jacket or accessory for a fabulous new look that’ll keep you warm while looking cool for years to come. Read more about fur remodeling here.

Fur Repairs

Wear and tear happen—but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. From fixing rips and worn edges to replacing linings and more, our expert team will restore your fur whenever possible.

Fur Monogramming

Your style is personal and your fur should be too. Add a little spark of special to any (or all!) of your pieces with custom designed monogramming.

Fur Appraisals

Your fur pieces are valuable so it’s important that they are insured. We can provide two types of written fur appraisals: An estimated replacement cost for insurance purposes and an estimated resale value for your own use/edification.

Fur Insurance Replacement

We will work with you and your insurance company to replace your lost, stolen or damaged.